大学是任何学生一生中激动人心的一章, 作为父母, you will play a key role in advising and supporting your child through their transition to tertiary study.




There are many reasons why the University of Waikato is the best place for your child to experience the rewards and challenges of tertiary study:

  1. 世界杯买球赛竞猜的学生接受世界一流的教育

    世界杯买球app下载 is a consistent climber in the most prestigious 国际排名. We've risen 127 places in the QS World 大学排名 in five years, and the latest Times Higher Education World 大学排名 brought us up to the third equal in New Zealand.

  2. 人的尺度上的大学

    We are known as one of the friendliest universities in New Zealand. 对世界杯买球赛竞猜来说,重要的是每个学生都有一个愉快的, safe and supportive university experience and feels welcome in our university community.

  3. 世界杯买球赛竞猜的学生向最优秀的学生学习

    Our teaching staff are world-leading, with vast knowledge and experience in their respective fields. 世界杯买球赛竞猜的学者以指挥闻名 开创性的研究 实现世界第一. We provided New Zealand’s first connection to the internet in 1989 and have continued to lead the way since.

  4. 灵活的学位结构

    灵活的学位结构 mean students can choose a qualification that combines interests with career goals. 如果你愿意,你可以攻读双学位或联合学位. A double major is where you study one degree but focus on two different subjects in depth within that degree. A conjoint degree is best suited to those wanting to study two very distinct fields, e.g. 科学与管理.

  5. 文化联系和多样性

    世界杯买球赛竞猜认可并重视学生的多样性. 世界杯买球赛竞猜有很多 支持服务 确保你在世界杯买球赛竞猜的经历是美好的. All of our undergraduate qualifications offer a cultural perspectives element to give students skills, confidence and capabilities in understanding their own and other cultures, in order to work and contribute effectively within increasingly diverse local and global contexts.

  6. 激动人心的大学经历

    From the moment you step onto our 汉密尔顿 and 陶兰加 campuses, you know you’re in a great place. Our picturesque campuses have everything students need during their studies - a library, 讲座剧院, 学生支援服务, 咖啡馆, 银行, 体育馆和游泳池位于校园内或校园附近.



There are many ways to determine what degree would best suit your child, but a good place to start is considering what school subjects they are good at and enjoy, 然后检查 世界杯买球赛竞猜的课程


有些学生很清楚自己想学什么, 而其他人则不确定——无论如何, 得到一些建议是很有帮助的. 来世界杯买球赛竞猜会话信息 or book an appointment with one of our 未来的学生顾问 to chat about your child's study options, 住宿, scholarships and to ask any other questions that you may have about Waikato.

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Choosing the right subjects can be important for being accepted into particular courses at the university. Read the entry requirements for the various degree programmes that your child may be considering. There may be specific prerequisites or NCEA subjects that should be taken.


There are several ways students can gain admission to study at the University of Waikato, 了解更多.


费用 are calculated individually so that students pay a fee that reflects the papers that they choose. Each paper that is offered by the University has a separate tuition fee and 费用按年调整.




世界杯买球app下载, we have some of the cheapest university student 住宿 in New Zealand. Our affordable on-campus Halls of Residence are the ideal place for first year students to settle into university life. 世界杯买球赛竞猜有布莱恩特楼、学院楼和学生村. 每一间都提供全套餐饮和家具. 欲了解更多信息,请访问 宿舍页面.


位于塞尔温街,交通便利, 就在CBD校区的马路对面, our new University managed 住宿 complex consists of 90 standard and 3 accessibility studio rooms, 配套浴室. Each floor has shared social spaces that provide stunning views across the harbour. Communal areas are located on the basement level and an attractive outdoor area is a great place to relax and enjoy the great weather that 陶兰加 is famous for. 欲了解更多信息,请访问 宿舍页面.

具有充分的学术和社会导向, 提供所有膳食, 大厅的事件, 学术辅导, social support and 24/7 campus security your child will be well taken care of.


世界杯买球赛竞猜的奖学金奖励学术能力, 领导潜力, 体育技能、创意和表演艺术天赋. With over 100 types of scholarships, there really is one for every student to apply for. 请前往世界杯买球赛竞猜奖学金仪 看看有哪些奖学金.


大学对学生来说是一种全新的体验, 许多人将开始了解一个全新的城市, 在融入大学文化的同时, 校园生活和结交新朋友.

  1. 准备

    准备 your child to be financially responsible so they understand the stresses and strains of living on a limited budget. Teaching your child how to budget effectively will help enormously.

  2. 支持

    支持 your child to do the very best they can in their studies. Provide guidance where necessary while letting them take responsibility to know what is expected of them

  3. 鼓励

    鼓励 your child to make the most of their time at University. There are plenty of extracurricular activities that students can get involved with to complement their overall university experience. Students can sign up to clubs and connect with student groups and societies.

  4. 激励

    激励 your child to look after their health while at University. 作为家长, you can encourage your child to adopt good physical activity habits and make healthy food choices. 尽早养成健康的习惯会给你带来终身的好处.

  5. 使熟悉

    使熟悉 yourself with the resources available at University to support your child. If a problem arises you can then recommend the appropriate University services to your child and encourage them to reach out. 你的孩子会感激你给他们的支持.


If you have any questions or need any advice, please contact our 未来学生顾问 who will be happy to answer any queries about studying at Waikato.

电话: 07 838 4007
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